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Pick Your Own Odds

Pick Your Own OddsPick Your Own Odds is one of our favourite products and is a brilliant innovation by Ladbrokes.

If you've ever fancied a horse to win so much that you wanted to actually increase the odds of it winning, now you can! You can bet on a horse to win by a certain margin or more, and Ladbrokes will pay you a bigger dividend if it does.

How does it work?

Available on selected Australian gallops with fixed odds betting included, you'll see them by navigating to the pick your own odds page on the Ladbrokes site.

Pick Your Own Odds

Whilst these are generally not the top group one events during the carnival seasons, there are usually plenty of options for this product each day.

Another way to find the PYOO races is to spot the red tab at the top of the race card.

Once you've found the race you'd like to bet on, simply select how much you want your horse to win by using the drop down menu! Once you start adding lengths, you'll notice just how fast the payout increases.

The minimum distance is 1/2 a length and the most you can choose is ten lengths.

Another way is to use the odds changer to the side. As you increase the odds, you'll see the margin increase too. So if your horse is $5, and you'd like something more like $7, change the odds to $7 and the margin will be set for you.

Pick your own odds bets are paid out approximately 30 minutes after the race, according to official results.

An example Bet

In our example below, the favourite is a short price at $1.40 so we'd like to up our potential dividend a bit.

Pick Your Own Odds

We really fancy Easy Beast, so we're going to bet on him to win by over 3 lengths. This increases our win fixed price from a very short 1.4 to 3.3. As you can see, pick your own odds really increases your winnings.

Remember: Your horse must win by MORE than the margin you select.

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