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Wednesday November 14th 2018

Bookies tip Bran Stark to rule Westeros

With the last-ever season of Game of Thrones looming early in 2019 Sportsbet are tipping Bran Stark to be left ruling from the Iron Throne but punters are favouring Jon Snow to rule Westeros.

Bran Stark may be the runaway leader in the betting market ahead of the final series at $2.40 but Jon Snow have proven more popular with bettors at $4.

Infact, according to some fans Daenerys Targaryen and her three dragons could probably take down the White Walkers, making her the second most popular bet at $5 to be sat on the metal seat at the end of the series.

Maybe fans (and bookies) will be left stunned in a surprise twist. Lannister bannerman Ed Sheeran who played a brief role in the Game of Thrones Season 7 Premiere is priced at $501 to be left ruling the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros as Head of State from the Iron Throne.

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