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International bookmaker that prides itseld as the "World's biggest" - with over 20 million customers - is now available in Australia. With a unique website design and a ridiculously wide range of betting options, Bet365 comes highly recommended.

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Our Bet365 Ratings

  • Website

    Modern design is responsive to screen size, making the Bet365 website unique

  • Mobile Betting

    Offering erverything available on the website, the Bet365 app is fantastic

  • Live Betting

    Huge number of markets and bet types offered live in-play and live streaming

  • Extras

    Bet365 offers a wide range of betting products including Best Tote and more


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Bet365's international history

Bt365 Logo

Formed back in 2000 and launched online in March 2001, Bet365 has come a long way since. It is grown into one of the World's largest betting companies, with billions in turnover and thousands of employees worldwide, and operations in 200 countries.

Bet365 moved into the Australian market in 2012, after seeking regulation in the Northern Territory.

Offering an unrivalled bet in-play product, Bet365 really shook up the online betting arena when it moved to these shores. It remains as one of the better online services available to Aussie punters to this day.

Bet365 Website

The Bet365 team came up with a unique approach to their website, and it really stands out. The website is different to anything else you'll see in that it takes up 100% of the screen and is responsive depending on the size of your screen.

This new approach to the design allows a ton of information to be displayed, especially on the front page. You have direct access to all of today's top events, live betting, and all the sports down the left hand menu. Truly the best betting experience in Australia.

Sports Betting


Betting on Racing


Mobile App


Live Streaming


Under Australian law, we are required to inform you that Live Streaming on bet365 is exempt from Parts 3 and 4 of the Broadcasting Services (Online Content Service Provider Rules) 2018.

Bet365 offers a plethora of opportunities to watch sports live online through their betting platforms online and on mobile.

Live Stream Tennis

Once you're in the In-Play section of the website, you'll notice a schedule section. This lists all of the events going in play, the time the event starts, and how it can be watched.

If the event states "Live at Bet365", you'll be able to view it through your phone or computer.

Sports offered for Streaming

  • ATP Tennis Matches
  • Worldwide Cricket including T20 and Tests
  • Ice Hockey from Euro Leagues
  • Racing from UK and USA
  • Basketball from Europe

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Live in-play Betting

Bet365 advertise their live betting product on TV around the World, because it's one of the best online betting products around.

Not only do they offer a massive range of markets for in-play, they offer one of the largest ranges of markets for each sport. Want to bet how many runs will be scored in the 43rd over of that IPL match? No problem!

As with all other bookmakers in Australia, you'll have to call to place your bet. The website (or app) will give you a four digit code which makes the placement of your bet very simple. 

In-Play betting example

One of the more popular live betting sports is cricket. We rank bet365 as our favourite place to bet on cricket. Here's why.

Bet365 cricket betting

Once you're watching the match (remember Bet365 also live streams many sports through it's website and mobile app), you will see tons of information, including the current bowler and batsman, with the last 6 deliveries listed.

Everything updates live with no need to refresh, and it's updated very quickly after the actual live action. You also have access to the worm, so you can see how each side is doing, whether setting the target or chasing it down.

Bet365 Cricket Betting

Markets available include betting on runs in a certain over, wicket yes or no, runs to be odd or even, method of next dismissal (six options), next man out, and highest partnership - to mention just a few of the more popular bets!

As you can see, this all makes betting live with Bet365 so easy.

Bet Live at Bet365

More of a soccer fan? They provide updates for what's actually happening in the play, such as dangerous attacks, corners and more.

The next screenshot shows you how it looks. All stats are recorded so you can see during the match who's had the better of the play.

This display updates almost in real-time so you get a great feel for how the game is going. Dare we say it's almost as fun as watching the actual game on live streaming, which bet365 has in abundance too.

Soccer in-play at bet365

Every market you can think of is available in play for soccer. Even asian handicap, corner handicaps, corners race and plenty more. The most obscurre leagues are also offered, thanks to Bet365's European heritae.

If you're betting on your desktop, Bet365 will even alert you on certain match events. This is great if you're doing other stuff and want to keep tabs on the match.

Key Points on Bet365

  1. One of the World's largest online operations giving you peace of mind
  2. Exceptional interface; probably the best website betting experience
  3. In-Play section gives you constant updates with what's happening live
  4. Biggest range of markets and lines we've seen offered in Australia

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