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A huge innovator in the World of betting that brought the concept of exchange betting to the masses. Get better odds than corporate bookmakers on both racing and sports!

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Our Betfair Ratings

  • Website

    Extremely intuitive website interface makes backing and laying easy

  • Mobile Betting

    Superb mobile app that squeezes in all the usability of the website

  • Live Betting

    One of the best in-play experiences in Australia - fast and very simple to use

  • Extras

    Fantastic database of statistics, and one of the better form guides out there


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History of Betfair

Betfair LogoBetfair was formed in 2000 and quickly grew into one of the biggest online betting companies in the United Kingdom.

After consistent growth overseas, Betfair was licensed in Tasmania in 2005 to begin operations in Australia, claiming to offer 20% better odds than traditional bookmakers.

In 2014 Betfair sold a 50% stake to Crown Resorts, valued at around $10m. Betfair now handles millions of transactions per day, and set a record for the most money traded on one market during the 2015 Cricket World Cup semi-final between South Africa and New Zealand ($184 million traded).

Betfair is still the only betting exchange in operation in Australia.

Betfair Exchange Website

We've always loved the Betfair website. It's incredibly simple to use with markets listed down the left hand side, making everything just a couple of clicks away.

You can also save markets under "My Markets", so you'll always have one click access to the markets you're currently most interested in. The front page is full of highlights and current in-play markets.

Sports Betting

Simplicity is the name of the game with Betfair's site. Access to any market is done through the left side menu, making any market you can think of no more than three clicks away. This is one of the better navigation options of any online betting company.

Once you've found a market, everything is presented in as simple a manner as possible. Backing and Laying is offered with bet amounts made very clear.

Placing your bet takes a couple of clicks, and your total liability on every competitor in the market is shown, which we love. This is the only betting site that shows you how much you are scheduled to lose and win on every outcome, even in-play.

As we mentioned in our betting exchange tutorial, Betfair actually wants you to win. To this end, they provide a ton of information to help you with your bets.

Their Hub product offers previews of every major event, including a Brownlow Predictor, NRL and ARL predictors, and more. Along with this the hub also has plenty of betting strategies and tips unique to betting on an exchange system.

Bet Sports at Betfair

Racing at Betfair

Bettng on racing at Betfair is a pleasure. One thing you'll notice immediately is the speed everything loads. Considering the amount of information presented, Betfair.com.au is lightning fast.

Racing at Betfair

If you're a fan of overseas racing, this is the place to be. In addition to offering every race in Australia, racing in England, Ireland, France, South Africa, Singapore, USA and South America are all offered, all the time. This is a superb selling point for Betfair.

Antepost racing is offered in the menu, covering all the major race days for the season. The only small issue we have with antepost bets at Betfair is that the liquidity in the market isn't huge if you want to get $200 or more on.

The form offered at Betfair only lists the last five starts for each runner, but it does have pretty in-depth comments on every horse. For the bigger races, there is a 1-2-3 selection, and a full race analysis.

Betfair also offers in-play betting for racing. You'll see the "going in-play" icon at the top of the market. This is great for trading out of a position if you think for example that your outside runner will be much shorter during the race.

Unique Product

Betfair SP

If you want better odds than offered through traditional bookies, this is a great product.

This product is different from the usual "SP", which is determined by on-course bookmakers, without taking into account the massive number of bets placed online and off track.

Betfair's Starting Price is calculated by balancing bets from backers and layers on the online exhange - so there is no in-built profit margin, meaning a great deal for punters.

Try Betfair SP

Mobile App

The Betfair app really squeezes all the usability of the website into a mobile device.

It's also one of the simplest betting apps that we've used. Everything from lay betting, to in-play and Betfair SP are all available through the app, as well as live video streams.

Betfair Mobile

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Live Betting in-play



Key Points on Betfair

  1. Betting against other punters - not the bookie - means up to 20% better odds
  2. A plethora of betting analysis and insights to help you choose what to bet
  3. Unique ability to lay outcomes (bet against) gives you more options
  4. Almost every market goes in-play allowing you to trade in and out of positions

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