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“ Get better odds with Betfair's revolutionary exchange product ”

About Betfair

Betfair Australia have established themselves as one of the best bookmakers in the country thanks to an amazing array of products and a very unique betting experience that leaves punters with up to 20% better odds compared to other bookies.

The first thing you should know is they are not a traditional bookmaker they are a Sports Betting Exchange which means you set your own odds to back and lay bets against other Betfair members. In effect you are the bookmaker!  They also run a traditional sportsbook as well so you can have the best of both worlds.

The Betfair Australia betting experience is one of the most unique and rewarding in the industry and they are now firmly established in Australia as one of the leaders in betting.

5 Reasons to Join Betfair

  • Back and Lay selections on the exchange
  • Better odds than traditional bookmakers
  • The Form Hub to help study potential bets
  • Impressive website with intelligent interface
  • Huge range of betting markets from around the globe

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Betfair Exchange

Betfair Exchange

Website and Usability

Completely redesigned in 2014 the Betfair website is now a lot more friendly than it used to be when they launched into Australia back in 2005.

Betfair Exchange

From the main menu on the front page the first thing you'll notice are the links on the left hand side that take you to either the Sportsbook or the Exchange. Opt for the Sportsbook and all the most popular sports such as Soccer, Tennis, Cricket, Golf and Horse Racing, both UK and international are displayed across the top with quick links to popular events and In-Play Now on the left.

Go to the exchange and you'll find an absolutely massive range of sports you can bet on displayed on the left with quick links to the more popular soccer, racing, tennis and golf markets above. On the right is your betslip and beneath that a list of the most popular bets that are being placed at that time and any current offers and promotions you can take advantage of.

At first glance the site looks a little bit daunting, however don’t give up on first looks. Give it a bit of a go and you’ll find it isn’t as bad as it first looks. In fact it is very easy to use and once you can master backing and laying, you’ll be well on your way to making profits, more than you'll make with the other bookies.

How does Betfair work?

People can often get confused with Betfair and how it works. We mentioned above that they are not like a traditional bookie, but instead are a betting exchange. In all honesty though, it’s not that confusing at all.

Betfair is basically like the sharemarket where you have someone wanting to buy shares from somebody who is selling those shares. Betfair is the same, it has people backing (buying) and laying (selling), Betfair is just the third party facility where this happens.

There are great help guides and videos available at Befair to help you learn the system, so if you want to give the exchange a go check them out once you've signed up.


When you back a bet on Betfair, it is the same as if you went to a bookmaker and wanted to place a bet. Say you wanted to back Carlton in the AFL for $2.00, you’d go on and back them for $2.00 as you normally would at a bookies. When backing to win your odds will be highlighted in blue on the exchange. The bold figure is the price and the small currency figure is the amount of money available in the market at the price.


To lay off a bet is pretty much saying you betting on something to lose. Say you think Carlton are too short at $2.00 and decide to lay them off at $2.10, well you can do this if you have another Betfair member willing to back them at that price. When laying a bet your odds will be highlighted in pink on the exchange. The bold figure is the price and the small currency figure is the amount of money available in the market at the price.

Back and Lay your bets on the exchange

Products and Features

There is so much more to Betfair and the exchange, they have many fabulous unique and exclusive betting products and services to take advantage of.

As a racing punter you can get paid out Best Of Five, you can bet live on every race every day, back to win, lay to lose or lock in a profit no matter what the result! Own your own racehorse? Get the best owners bonus in Australia with 20% on your winnings when your horse wins.

There's a daily blog which features tips from Australia's leading analysts and there's even a free form guide for every Australian race as well as UK, Ireland, US and NZ.

Markets galore for Sports betting, you'll find it hard to find such a selection anywhere else. On top of that they have some fantastic products on different sports from all around the world.

Enjoy the buzz of live betting? Then bet live on a huge range of world sports and if you need some inspiration there's a fantastic blog and forum where you can discuss tips or check out the 'Where is the Money' section which shows you what the most popular bets are and where the money is. You can even stream live sports via the Betfair website each and every day.

Betfair Exchange

Betfair Exchange

Live Betting

Live Betting is available on the exchange and on the sportsbook. You'll find the link to all the day's In-Play betting events to the right on the top menu.

Track the prices of a selection with ease on the exchange and have a go at locking in a profit no matter what the result. Betfair experts call this the green book, you can find out how to do this from the tutorials and videos available on the website. It all seems very daunting at first but start with small stakes and you'll soon get the hang of it.

Once you've navigated and got to Live Betting, the sports are displayed across the top. Click on the sport you wish to bet on and the live events available will come up on the page. The odds are refreshed automatically every few seconds so you can always see which way the market is going. Occasionally the live market will become suspended, usually when a game changing incidents occurs. The market will go live again after a few moments.

Master the very unique betting experience of backing and laying live at Betfair and you’ll be well on your way to making profits!

Go Live at Betfair

Mobile App

Download the Betfair App to your iPhone or Android device and you will be able to access the Betfair Exchange as well as a host of exclusive betting options including Back & Lay, Timeform Ratings, Racing Exotics, Graphs and Betting Movements plus Live In-Running betting for racing!

The App is one of the more comprehensive available. Gain acccess to many thousands of sporting and racing markets every day and quickly back or lay your selection in just a few taps.

Bet live, update and cancel bets, view live scores, manage your entire account from the app itself, check out the form and statistics section, bookmark markets, cash out and find out where all the money is going on the days most popuar events. Just a few of it's amazing features. This App has eveything!

For an App so packed with features it's extremely easy to use, you can even configure the App to suit your betting style. Infact anything you can do on the website you can do on the App. Just spend five minutes checking it out and you'll see it set's the benchmark when it comes to mobile betting in Australia.

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