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In a short period of time, CrownBet has established them as the premier online bookmaker here in Australia. You can thank James Packer’s huge bank balance and a raft of exclusive betting products that no other bookie in the country can compete with for that.

You may remember BetEasy? Well CrownBet bought them out back in 2014 and transformed them into the betting goliath they are today. Thanks to their alignment with Crown casino, they boast exclusive products such as CrownBet Rewards and Live AFL Vision, just to name a few.

Why Join CrownBet?

  • Access to live streaming from Sky Racing
  • The second biggest corporate bookie in Australia
  • Earn points with CrownBet Rewards
  • Live AFL Vision of every match
  • Innovative website with great products

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Website Layout and Usability

First things first, we want to point out the CrownBet website has gone for a very basic feel to their website and we absolutely LOVE it.

It looks fresh, fun, and most importantly, it is easy to navigate and super fast to load. Unlike many of the other online bookies out there, they have not littered their website with flash images, or shoved betting offers in your face.

You can tell immediately that CrownBet have put a lot of work into making their website as easy to use as possible. We also love little additions such as the jockey/runner/trainer search feature at the top, the all new Roll The Dice feature and their quirky blog known as The Call.

CrownBet website

Just little things like that, plus the nice colour scheme really enhance your betting experience. Go and check out CrownBet.com.au now for yourself and see if you agree.

Also worth mentioning is the Bet Slip. You can easily add and remove selections with ease, or convert single bets to multibets with the click of one mouse button. The CrownBet website has made it extremely easy to do that.

CrownBet Rewards

Perhaps the biggest selling point for having an account with these guys is CrownBet Rewards. There is simply nothing else like this on the Australian bookmaker scene.

Once you have registered a rewards login, you can start earning points for every single bet you place. Then in turn, you can redeem those rewards for some damn cool prizes.

Earning points is simple. For every $1 you placed on Fixed Win, Place and Exotics, you will earn 1 point. You will also earn 1 point per $5 you wager on Best Tote, Top Fluc and Best Place bets. Plus 1 point per $2 on all other racing bet types.

Sports punters will earn 1 point per $5 stake on any sports event offered, while you will get more bang for buck betting on multibets with 1 point per $1 stake.

Crownbet Rewards

You can redeem your points for some brilliant prizes ranging from accommodation and dining options at Crown Casino, all the way to sports memorabilia and even tickets to events such as the Superbowl or Kentucky Derby!

CrownBet Rewards is literally the product that has both highroller and smaller punters alike flocking to bet here. No other bookie can compete with this product in Australia.

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Horse Racing Betting

Let’s face it, to be competitive on the Australian bookies scene, you need to have a good product offering for horse racing betting. Luckily, CrownBet has delivered in spades in this area.

Best Tote Plus is their flag ship product and it is available on EVERY single Australian thoroughbred race, every single day.

That means you are receiving a payout equal to either the Best Tote dividend from the three Australian Totes, or the official on-course Starting Price; whichever is higher. Seriously, why bet anywhere else with this product alone?

They also boast a large range of Exotic Bet options, so that includes Flexi, Boxed or Stand-Out bet types from quinellas, trifectas, first fours and quaddies for example.

Crownbet Racing

We also love the addition of free form guides and racing tips on the CrownBet App and their desktop website, along with jockey silks and other kind of stats. It is just a convenient way of betting all from the one window.

But perhaps one of the best features is the ability to stream live horse racing from all metropolitan and provincial races in Victoria. This addition has really boosted their service to the next level.

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Products and Features

AFL Live Streaming

This is yet another exclusive. Given they are the official betting partners of the AFL, it has allowed Crown to secure the exclusive rights to be able to allow AFL live streaming.

Best of all, this will not cost you a cent. You can stream every single AFL home & away match, along with all finals matches and the Grand Final. How good is that!?

Crownbet Live AFL

CrownBet Card

The CrownBet Card is a product we adore. It is basically an EFTPOS card that is linked to your betting account, meaning you can access funds in a matter of seconds.

You can withdraw funds at any ATM, or even use your betting funds to pay for groceries or fill up your car with petrol, you name it. It’s very handy if you are betting on the go with their betting app and want to withdraw funds instantly.

Crownbet Card

Check out more great products here

CrownBet Mobile App

The mobile app is fantastic, and we are not just saying that. We've reviewed every mobile betting app for Australian bookmakers, and this is the one that had us constantly coming back for more.

Some of the key features are the ability for stream live races and AFL live streaming from within the app. Horse racing punters will love the ease of placing bets, plus the ability to drill down form and stats for each horse and jockey.

You’ll be able to access your CrownBet Rewards account from within the mobile app, meaning you can check your points balance and redeem prizes whenever you wish.

Quick Bets and Multi Bets are a great way to get bets on fast, plus you can deposit and withdraw funds within seconds. They have also invested in the latest in security technology, so you can bet in the knowledge that your funds are safe and secure.


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