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Ladbrokes Cash Card

Ladbrokes innovate some of the most unique betting products online in Australia, and with the Ladbrokes Cash Card they have one of the best products.

You have probably seen the Ladbrokes card advertised pretty heavily in the media and on billboards. The fact you can now withdraw funds from your account in cash makes Ladbrokes one of the best bookies in Australia. Keep reading for more information below.

Ladbrokes Cash Card

About the Ladbrokes Cash Card

Ladbrokes Cash CardThe good thing about going to the track or your local TAB is the fact that when you win, you get paid out in cash. We all know there are better products online and by betting on mobile phone apps, but there is just something about the thrill about being paid out by cash.

Ladbrokes know all this and have released the Ladbrokes Cash Card, meaning you can now withdraw cash from any ATM or EFTPOS machine in the country straight from your Ladbrokes account.

So now you can bet at the track and take advantage of all the great Ladbrokes products like Best Of The Best and the Daily Free Bet Challenge and when you have a win, you can withdraw the funds using your Ladbrokes Cash Car from the ATM.

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How to Withdraw Cash from ATMs

Ladbrokes Cash CardFirst off you need to have a Ladbrokes Australia account. Simply Join Ladbrokes and apply for your Ladbrokes Cash Card by following the prompts on their website. It is easy to find.

It will take 7-10 business days to receive your Ladbrokes Cash Card in the mail. Once received you will be able to go to any ATM in the country, as well as selected EFTPOS machines. It is basically the equivalent of a debit card, but linked to your Ladbrokes account.

If you have funds in your Ladbrokes account, no matter how much, you will be able to withdraw those funds in cash from the ATM. So if you’re at the track, you will quite literally be able to get paid out in cash.

How it Works

  1. First you must have a Ladbrokes account and then apply for your Ladbrokes card
  2. Your new card will be sent to you within 7-10 business days
  3. Withdraw funds from your Ladbrokes account via any ATM in the country, or via EFTPO

Ladbrokes VISA Card

 Get an ATM Card with Ladbrokes