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“ The home of Spread Betting here in Australia ”

About PointsBet

PointsBet is a brand new bookie in Australia, with a soul focus towards bringing spread betting to our shores.

Their claim to fame is being the only spread betting bookmaker in Australia, and it is sure to be a concept set to shake up the way Australian’s bet.

Another bonus is that PointsBet is 100% fully Australian owned and operated, based in Melbourne.

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Spread Betting in Australia

So, what is spread betting I hear you ask? While not a new concept, it is quite a new product for Australian punters.

With spread betting, the amount you win or lose from a bet is not fixed from the start, but variable depending on how much your bet wins by.

In other words, PointsBet will offer you their prediction for different markets, and it is up to you to decide if you think the outcome will be higher or lower than that spread.

Your skill is what makes all the difference. The more you are right, the higher your profit will be. But it also works the other way if you are wrong.

It is a great way to really maximise your profits and a way to leverage your bets with a small stake.

Spread Betting Example

Let’s say Collingwood are taking on Carlton in an AFL match. PointsBet quotes Collingwood at the margin of -15 and you stake $10 on this spread.

Your prediction is spot on, as Collingwood get the job done, going on to win the match by 35 points,

In this scenario, you would win $200. Your $10 stake x 20 units (35pts minus the 15pt spread) = $200.

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Why Bet with PointsBet?

If the above example doesn’t get you excited, then we aren’t sure what will.

Rather than betting on lines with traditional bookies and getting crappy $1.91 odds, you can make a small stake go a long way if you back yourself.

Imagine backing a team at a -9.5 point spread and then watching them go on to win by 80 points. You’d make some serious coin!

Not only that, PointsBet assign every member with a personal account manager. This means you will have your very own point of contact to assist you with anything you need.

PointsBet is also 100% Australian owned and operated and are based just outside of Australia, so you are keeping your money here in the country rather than offshore like with most other bookies here.

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Innovative New Market Types

PointsBet offers betting on all major sports in Australia and around the globe.

But the one market that they really thrive in is NBA betting. In fact, they are the home of NBA betting with some brilliant markets indeed.

PointsBet NBA betting

Some of those markets include spreads on player shooting percentages (field, free throw and 3pt), time of first basket, player points multples, time in minutes played for players to pass x points, longest made FG in feet, and many more.

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PointsBet Website

We wouldn’t say that the PointsBet website is the most inspired site we have ever seen, but it gets the job done.

It is quite basic, which is a good thing really. When you load the website, you’ll be greeted with a list of popular current betting markets, along with upcoming events in the column to the right.

Unlike almost all other bookmakers, the menu is hidden out of site. You can access the menu by clicking the icon up the top right, which we think is quite a nifty idea.

PointsBet website

Navigating the website and finding the markets you want is a piece of cake and we were impressed with the quick loading times in between pages.

As spread betting is a new concept to most Australians, you’ll be able to find a very good guide to how spread betting works with examples and videos.

PointsBet Mobile App

Punters with an Android phone will be able to download the PointsBet App and bet on the go from your mobile phone.

The launch of the iPhone App is imminent, but you still have the luxury of betting on their specially optimised mobile website.

How to Download

  • Download the PointsBet App at PointsBet.com.au
  • Open the ‘PointsBetAndroidApp.apk’ file once it is complete
  • Once the installation screen appears, click install

Download the PointsBet App