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Large multinational bookmaker offering the best mobile betting experience alongside some great innovations and more markets than you can shake a stick at.

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Our Sportsbet Ratings

  • Website

    Simple, easy to navigate interface in need of a slight design overhaul

  • Mobile Betting

    Cutting edge mobile platform for Android and Apple is one of the best

  • Live Betting

    So many in-running betting opportunities it's hard to know where to start!

  • Extras

    Famed for their early payouts and innovations, this is the place to bet


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Sportsbet's History

Sportsbet LogoSportsbet has been around for a long time, having started operations in Darwin back in 1993.

The company was struggling as recently as 2005, when Matthew Tripp purchased it for just $250,000. The rest is history - as they say - with Sportsbet going from strength to strength, becoming one of the largest online bookies in Australia.

Sportsbet Specials

Irish based Paddy Power bought 51% of Sportsbet in 2009 and later that year the group acquired IASbet. Paddy Power went on to take full ownership of Sportsbet, and the brand was fully merged with IASbet in 2014 after spending three years using the same platform. Paddy Power are behind many marketing gimmicks that you'll see Sportsbet involved in.

You'll likely have seen Sportsbet's ads in the media. They have a big presence in print, online and TV media, often playfully advertising their site with gags and early payout opportunities (such as paying on England to win the 2010/11 Ashes after one day).

Sportsbet Website

With everything just a couple of clicks away, Sportsbet certainly ticks the easy-to-use box. Quick links down the left menu give you immediate access to events coming up, and all available sports are also listed.

The only issue we have with the Sportsbet website is that it hasn't really yet dragged itself into this century design wise. They've had the same layout for donkeys years and it is beginning to look a little stale. Usability is still great, though. Let's take a look.

Betting on Sports

Sportsbet are the only bookie we know of to offer the scroller you can see in the screenshot below. It makes finding opcoming events really simple.

Sportsbet Upcoming SportsBy navigating to the sports tab at the top of the website, you'll be presented with a list of sports.

Change the scroller setting (and even specify if the event should be live on TV/Streaming, bet in play etc.), and the list of events will change accordingly.

You'll notice at this point that Sportsbet offers a ridiculous number of betting opportunities.

Often, events and teams we've never even heard of appear on this list, showing just how in-depth the traders go at Sportsbet.

Their European connections definitely help in this sense, covering tons of Euro league basketball, soccer and more.

Once you've found the event you want to bet on, click it and you'll be taken the the event page.

Sportsbet competes nicely with the likes of BetEasy when it comes to number of markets on domestic competitions like AFL. In a test we did, Crownbet offered 254 markets to Sportsbet's 262.

One thing we'd like to see is all the markets being shown on a coupon.

For example, the Sportsbet AFL coupon only shows the head to head price, meaning one more click to view the full market in order to place a handicap bet.

Once your bets are in the bet slip, Sportsbet really makes it easy to get your bet on. If you have more than one selection, doubles, trebles, trixies, patents etc are all shown very clearly.

Unique Product

Same Game Multi

We absolutely love the same game multi product offered at Sportsbet!

Ever wanted to bet on a player to get the most disposals, and his team to win the game? Now you can. It's even possible to combine 3+ outcomes - so you can bet player disposals, total match points over/under and big-win-little-win all in one bet.

This can make for some really fun combination bets!

Try Same Game Multis

Racing at Sportsbet

If you're a big race punter, Sportsbet is the place for you. One of the only bookies to price up every single group one race for the season, they put this in a monthly calendar so you can navigate easily to the race you want to bet on.

When it comes to every day racing, Sportsbet has that covered too. As we said above, the actual graphics used by Sportsbet are a little outdated, but the functionality is dead on.

Sportsbet Race FormSportsbet have gone down the route of long form popping out into a completely new window, which might not be for some.

Their form is more detailed than Crownbet though, for example. Runs go back to the last ten, with sectional times and positions.

An interesting addition with Sportsbet is the "Extra Markets" tab which will take you to InsureBet and "Without", which is betting without the favourite. InsureBet allows you to get your money back if your horse finishes 2nd (or third, in the case of Insure 3).

When it comes to exotics, Sportsbet were the leaders of making this easy back in the day. Their boxed multis are still as simple as clicking a button, just a little outdated compared to the slicker Bet365, Ladbrokes and Crownbet racing pages.

Betting on Daily Double, Running Doubles, Super 6 and more complete what is a great package for the racing punter.

Super 6 asks you to predict the winner of six major races in order to take the jackpot.

Best Bets offers an opinion on all races with selections for the first four places.

Also on offer are head to head bets, which is something fairly unique. Sportsbet will pick two fairly equal runners out of the field and you can back one to finish ahead of the other. Prices will usually be on the slightly skinny side at $1.83/$1.88.

Bet on Racing with Sportsbet

Mobile App

As we mentioned above, the Sportsbet website is starting to look a little dated, but that certainly can't be said about their Android and Apple app, which is state of the art.

The app also includes the Victorian and New South Wales racing we mention below.

Sportsbet Mobile

The betting app is state of the art, with frequent updates pushed to keep up with new technology and products.

Everything you'll find on the Sportsbet website is available on your phone, including the Punter's Club, Bet Live and more.

Download Sportsbet App

Live Racing Streams for VIC & NSW

Sportsbet Live Racing

Once you're a Sportsbet member and have made one single deposit, you'll have access to their live racing service. This shows every thoroughbred race in VIC and NSW live, completely free.

You just need to be logged in either on the app or the website to access this service. The Live Racing option is easily located on both services.

Sportsbet Live Racing

Whilst this isn't quite Crownbet's live racing with Sky Racing channel (which covers the whole country), it's certainly good enough if you're placing a bet on the most popular metro racing locations.

Live Stream Racing at Sportsbet

Live Betting

The Sportsbet Bet Live service is really easy to use. Some bookmakers make their live betting look different to the main odds section, but Sportsbet has made it look as similar as possible.

Sportsbet Bet LiveAs we mentioned earlier, Sportsbet has a ton of events and markets on their site, and this is also reflected in the bet live area. Even some of the more obscure events will have 50+ markets available for betting in-running, which is fairly crazy.

Betting live with Sportsbet just requires you to click the odds, which will generate a popup with a "fast code". You'll then have to call them (due to Australian law prohibiting betting live online).

Simply provide the code (which is also given phoentially to speed things up) and your bet will be on. Should the odds have fluctuated, the operator will ask if you would like to take the different price. Simple.

Any events which are streaming live on Sportsbet's live streaming service are listed in the menu to the right, which is handy.

Sportsbet's Bet Live number is 13 BETS or 1800 138 238.

Punters Club

This is a product unique to Sportsbet and it's clear that a lot of thought has gone into the design of it.

Punters Club allows you to basically create a betting account for you and your mates. This takes away the headaches of running your club offline, on paper, as it does all the calculations for you.

Sportsbet Punters ClubSportsbet Punters Club

Clubs are completely customisable, from how how often the betting round rotates, to how much each member contributes, and more.

Members can be invited to the club by SMS or Email, and they simply join by entering the join code on the Punters Club page, either on the app or website.

To place bets with money from the Punters Club, you simply select that wallet from the bet slip, rather than your own funds. It's that easy.

There's an activity wall so you can have a bit of banter with ya mates, and each member will receive an SMS and Email reminding them when it's their turn to bet. This is a great addition to the Sportsbet portfolio!

Create a Punters Club

Key Points on Sportsbet

  1. Large multinational corporation gives you peace of mind
  2. State of the art betting apps for both Android and Apple devices
  3. Unique Punters Club allows you to bet with your mates and have a bit of banter
  4. Stream live racing from Victoria and New South Wales straight to your mobile

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