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Sportsbet Cash Card

Sportsbet LogoThe Sportsbet Card has finally been released and is one of the best products available!

Punters can now use the Sportsbet Cash Card to access their winnings instantly from all ATMs just like an EFTPOS card. The good news is because it is not a debit or credit card you will not earn any interest.

Check our FAQs below and follow the details to register and activate your very own card today.

Sportsbet Cash Card

Applying for your card

Cash CardSportsbet now offer a revolutionary way of betting. Gone are the days of waiting 1-2 days for funds to clear when you request to withdraw funds from your betting account.

Now by applying for your free Sportsbet ATM Card, you are able to access your Sportsbet account from any ATM or EFTPOS facility around Australia and withdraw funds instantly!

Applying for your card is simple. All you need to do is apply for your card from the My Account section at Sportsbet and fill out the details.

Your card will arrive in 2-3 weeks where you then must activate the card from the special number provided. Once activated you are right to pay for everyday items and withdraw funds from your Sportsbet account.

Apply in 4 Easy Steps!

  1. Select Sportsbet Cash from the My Account section at Sportsbet
  2. Apply for your card by filling out the registration form
  3. Your card will arrive in 2-3 weeks to your nominated address
  4. To activate, enter the 9-digit activation code on your card

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Sportsbet Card FAQs

What is the Sportsbet Cash Card?

The card allows you to access funds directly from your Sportsbet account, allowing you to withdraw money instantly. You can also pay in shops using the card.

How long does it take to receive my card?

Sportsbet will send out your cash card within 7-10 business days of your application. You will receive it via Australian Post.

How do I activate my card?

Once you receive the card you must enter the 9-digit activation code in the My Account section at Sportsbet.

How does my card work?

It works just like any other EFTPOS card you have. Simply go to any ATM or EFTPOS machine and withdraw funds.

Who do I contact for any queries?

Sportsbet has setup a direct support line for their cash card at 1800 188 238. It's a toll free number dedicated to card enquiries.

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