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Thursday September 13th 2018

Emily the dark horse contender in the Bachelor

Brittany may be the runaway leader in the Bachelor betting but Emily could be the dark horse contender in the final weeks.

With just nine girls left, thousands have been staked on Brittany the $1.33 favourite and after a second loved up date with the Honey Badger this week it's easy to see why, but despite not having much air-time Emily is starting to prove more popular with bettors.

The 24-year-old dance teacher from Canberra looks destined for the single life, she has not been on a single date with the Honey Badger and has had little to say or do on the show but again last night she received a rose. Could she be the juicy twist @ $34 this season? Go figure!

Meanwhile Sophie remains steady in the betting @ $3.75 ahead of Brooke who failed to shock Nick "Honey Badger" Cummins with her BIG secret (she dates both men and women, in case you missed the revelation) is now out to $5.50.

And then there's Cass who, clearly not realising that she no longer has to convince the Bachelor that she is in love with him is $13 to win him over.


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