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Tuesday December 4th 2018

EPL punter smashes a nine leg multi

In truth, a Premier League multi is a pretty tough bet to hit but one lucky punter smashed through nine legs to score themselves a return of almost $15000 on a bet of $2.59 at the weekend.

The Ladbrokes customer was pretty damn smart enough to back eight outright favourites and a couple of tight contests correctly and it paid off paid off very nicely at an eye-watering $14,365.31.

Looking at the bet now the only game the shrewd individual opted to stay clear of was Arsenal travelling to Bournemouth, which the Gunners won 2-1 to further extend their unbeaten streak.

The superb punt went against expectations with the punter correctly predicting the freakish final result of a draw between Crystal Palace at Old Trafford against Manchester United.

So without further ado, here's how the punter smashed through a nine leg Premier League multi bet at Ladbrokes.com.au.

  • Brighton v Leicester - Drawn Match
  • Liverpool to beat Watford
  • Man City to beat West Ham
  • Fulham to beat Southampton
  • Everton to beat Cardiff
  • Man Utd v Crystal Palace - Drawn Match
  • Tottenham to beat Chelsea
  • Huddersfield to beat Wolves
  • Newcastle to beat Burnley


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