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Monday November 26th 2018

Heavy continued betting on Labor to win Federal Election

Over the weekend there's been heavy continued betting on Labor to win the Federal Election. So much so that they are now into $1.16 from last weeks price of $1.25.

The stream of bets arrived after Saturday's poll in the Victorian State Election which has left punters convinced that Bill Shorten’s team will back up with a repeat success at the Federal Election.

Labor now hold 78% of money wagered at betting company Sportsbet.com.au who are reporting ridiculous levels of betting interest in the party resulting in prices changing by the minute.

Spokesman Sportsbet said: Punters believe the Victorian State Election result is a clear indication of what the Federal poll will return and have forced Labor’s price down since Saturday with consistent support.

Meanwhile the Coalition price has yo-yoed dramatically, out from $3.50 to $4.25  which is their largest price to date and in other popular political betting markets punters are indicating that May is an extremely likely month the election is held in at $1.50.


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