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Tuesday November 27th 2018

Seat by seat odds for the Federal Election

With the Federal Election tipped to be taking place in May betting company Sportsbet reveal how the odds favour Labor in a number of seats currently held by Coalition MPs.

Largely due to Labor’s landslide win in the Victorian election the bookie's general opinion is that Labor are strengthening their position in New South Wales tipping them to take seats off the Coalition in Banks $1.60, Gilmore $1.37 and Robertson $1.50.

Page has also seen a shift in odds with Labor's chances of ousting National MP, Kevin Hogan increased to become the narrow favourites at $1.80 ahead of the Coalition at $1.95.

Following Labors win in the Victorian Election spokesman Sportsbet said: Punters believe the Victorian State Election result is a sign of what’s to come for the Federal election. Labor’s odds in a number of Coalition held seats have improved off the back of consistent support since Saturday.

Support for the Labor party has also taken a dramatic leap in Queensland, now the $1.50 favourite in Dickson, $1.60 in Flynn, $1.65 in Forde and $1.37 in Capricornia.

Things do not bode well for the Coalition in Victoria either with Labor the short priced favourites to replace them in Chisholm $1.37 and Corangamite $1.33.


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