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Tuesday September 18th 2018

The race to win Wentworth is hotting up

The race to win Wentworth is hotting up after news that high profile doctor Kerryn Phelps will run as an independent in the October 20th by-election.

Liberal candidate Dave Sharma, remains high up in the betting, the $1.70 favourite but there's been a surprising level of interest in Dr Phelps, a local GP who as opened at odds of $2.20 at Sportsbet.com.au.

Other candidates include Labor’s Tim Murray who is paying odds of $7.00 while the Greens Dominic Wy Kanak who is already out and about campaigning is $16.

Spokesman Sportsbet said: Kerryn Phelps is certainly a high profile candidate that could be a spanner in the works for what is usually a safe Liberal seat but the betting is still favouring Dave Sharma to win.

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Division of Wentworth By-Election Odds

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