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Monday November 19th 2018

Theresa May kick off her kitten heels in 2019

Betting company Sportsbet are tipping 2019 to be a year of polital chaos for the UK.

While they make it more likely that Prime Minister Theresa May will cling on to her job in the short term at odds of $1.40 to win a confidence vote they predict she’ll be ousted sometime in the New Year.

Spokesman Sportsbet said: Theresa May was left with the impossible task of negotiating a smooth Brexit that a public appears to no longer want but she’s stood firm and the odds suggest she’ll survive the latest period of unrest but will fall on her sword sometime next year.

The betting company see Mrs May’s chances to lose a vote of confidence at $2.63 and rank 2019 to be the most likely time she will kick off her kitten heels for good and depart at $2.10.

Sportsbet are now quoting a second Brexit referendum a $1.50 chance not to occur and $2.50 to happen while the result is $1.82 to remain and $1.95 to leave.


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